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Natural Aggregates & Quarry Products


10mm and 20mm Blue Metal is a natural aggregate commonly used for drainage in many different fields. Its uses include back-filling trenches, around PVC and Ag-Pipe in the plumbing industry, drainage behind retaining walls and even as a base for concrete and deep garden beds to help promote drainage.

Crusher Dust

Blue Metal Dust is the crushed residue of Natural Blue metal and is also known as crusher dust. Crusher Dust is an extremely versatile product. It’s clean, easy to spread and compacts down hard, making it ideal for paving, pathways, driveways and concreting.


Road Base

Roadbase Aggregate is a natural compactable product used to stabilise surfaces such as driveways and under paving. It can be used around drains, pipes or as a base before concrete is poured. The product can also be used to back-fill around walls.
DGB20 is a natural road base that complies with the RMS specification 3051 for surfaced roads and pavement use.

Sand and Gravel Mix

Also known as Concrete Mix, Sand and Gravel Mix is a blend of natural Blue Metal and Sand that can be mixed with cement to make concrete and core fill for retaining walls.

White Brick Sand

White Brick Sand is commonly used for a number of applications such as:
Mortar production
Landscaping applications
Bagging Walls
Ground lining for ponds and above ground pools.

Its a clean workable sand that is relatively lightweight.


Yellow sand Or Render Sand

Yellow sand is used for bricklaying or block laying, and is great as a mortar for laying bricks. Widely used by Builders and Landscapers. Yellow brick sand can also be used for tiling, rendering walls, bedding under pool liners, or mixed with cement for a gold finish.

Bedding Sand or Washed Sand

Bedding Sand is a screened sand that has many applications and is particularly suitable as a filler or bedding sand around pipes or concrete slabs. Its cost effective sand with good compaction properties.


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